Lake Como Vacation Rentals

Vacationers, welcome to Lake Como, Lake Come - once part of Balmar - is on the border of Belmar and Spring Lake on the Jersey Shore. Our listings of summer houses, cottages, condos and apartments are unique vacation rentals offered by their individual owners. Contact owners directly to book your vacation in a home away from home.

Lake Como and Belmar Vacation Houses

Greetings from Lake Como, NJ!

Lake Como used to be part of Belmar, New Jersey and now is a separate town. Walk along Lake Como to the boardwalk, which takes you north into Belmar or south into Spring Lake - two well-known resorts on the Jersey shore. If you are seeking a vacation in any one of those towns, you can't go wrong in Lake Como.

All three of these Jersey shore beach towns have great swimming beaches, scenic sunset lakes, and central location with lots of restaurants, boardwalk amusements, and scenic views for a home away from home.